Stacy has acted in three separate films at different stages in her life...

Her first, when she was 12 years old, Stacy was approached by Francis Ford Coppola’s casting agent, while waiting for a ride to her gymnastic training. Francis cast her in the role of Nastasia Kinski’s younger sister, in his new film, “One from the Heart.” The movie was a big budget production that was an incredible eye opener to the world of Hollywood film.

Her second film was much later, after her modeling career, called The Guardian for HBO. Stacy was cast as “the Guardian” along side Mario Van Peebles,  Ice-T and James Remar. The film was a commercial success and lead to further roles for her. 

The Guardian

Her third film was a Mel Gibson/Jet Li production, cast in LA and filmed in Australia called “invincible.”

After a torn abductor during the filming of “Invincible,” Stacy was unable to do any more action films or stunts...



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